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2009 July 14
by Admin

a_150x150rank1 Alta White is our current top pick for home teeth whitening products.

Alta White is a U.S. patented teeth whitening product which is geared to provide you whiter teeth in as early as six days.  It is a two-step technique which makes use of a swab for easy application of the solution to your teeth.  The solution is in powder form which is responsible for scrubbing away the stains which have accumulated on the teeth.  After using this product, you will even be left with a minty fresh breath.

Alta White’s advantages over other teeth whitening procedures are:

  • No messy strips or trays to wear
  • No costly dental visits
  • Helps remove plaque
  • Easy to apply in seconds
  • Polishes while whitening
  • Professional results at home

The application process is simple:

  • Snap the swab tip with the color ring.
  • Dip the wet applicator swab into the whitening powder.
  • Apply to teeth covering all visible surfaces evenly.

You will have noticeably whiter teeth in just 6 days.



rank2Celebrity White is the newest innovation in getting a brighter and more beautiful smile, especially on the go.  Easy to fit in your pocket, Celebrity White Teeth uses a patented formula that helps eliminate stains and whiten your teeth. Developed and recommended by the country’s premiere dentists, you will never want to hide that smile again!

  • Gel pen applicator.
  • Developed by the leading dentists in the U.S
  • Leader in the field of teeth whitening.
  • High Quality 10% hydrogen peroxide
  • Celebrity White Teeth is absolutely safe and contains the same ingredients used by dentists to whiten teeth and will not harm enamel.
  • This product is great for use after meals or coffee to prevent new stains.

Celebrity white is a highly effective whitener.  The whitening agent (peroxide) is used by dentists for professional whitening procedures.  Celebrity White teeth whitening is safe and effective.  It is not using any abrasives and doesn’t damage the protective enamel of the teeth.  The pen applicator is easy to use and the whitening process only takes about 15 min a day.  Users of celebrity white are seeing results almost instantly.

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idol-whiteb_150x150rank3 Idol White is a teeth whitening product out on the market today. Unlike other whitening products which require mouth moulds and bleaching trays, Idol White comes in “pen” form, allowing for quick and easy application with less mess. According to the Idol White website, you will achieve a brighter and whiter celebrity smile in minutes! Applying Idol White is a simple 3-step process. Simply twist the applicator to dispense the gel, apply to your teeth then allow 60 seconds for the active ingredients to work.

Idol White has achieved success, largely in thanks to it’s endorsement by Kim Kardashian and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney. Idol White has also been featured on top media networks MSN, CNN, Fox News, MSCBC and USA today.

Idol White benefits:

  • Guaranteed to whiten teeth
  • Applies in seconds
  • Polishes while whitening
  • No costly dentist visits
  • Safe and easy to use

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